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dangle & dot

Wednesday, July 17
1:00 – 2:30 PM Pacific

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Let’s dare to do dementia different…ly!

Nancy Nelson (aka dangle) and Kat Hartley (aka dot) are daring themselves, and audiences, to do dementia differently. Through the combined lens of lived experiences, they come together as a person living with a diagnosis for over 11 years, and a care partner for over 50 years. dangle & dot delight in inspiring people to explore the new possibilities one can discover through the inherent challenges of dementia.  In their conversation style, interactive, “Pink Chair Chit Chat”, dangle & dot combine compassionate storytelling, humor, and group engagement to inspire people that they, too, can live with more purpose and joy. Creative expression is key!

Meet dangle and dot!

Meet dangle: Nancy Nelson, shocked and teetering near fear by her diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s in 2013, immediately, in the early morning darkness, began writing down words and phrases coming to her from the sky. This phenomenon helped her to understand her father’s dementia journey and her own. Re-stirred feelings joined old ones when a second diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment came in 2018. Since her diagnosis, she’s published three books of poetry, chronicling her personal journey, titled Blue. River. Apple. She also serves as an Alzheimer’s advocate, speaking to large groups at education and public policy events, participates in dementia research and passionately leads many early stage dementia support groups. Nancy continues to live an active dynamic life with her family as her care partners.

Meet dot:Kat Hartley, in every decade of her life, has ridden the paralyzing, emotional and financial rollercoaster of stress, fear and grief while losing five relatives to Alzheimer’s Disease. The lessons and loss of her joyous father from dementia, inspires her daily to help others. Kat, a pharmacist, has dedicated her professional career to advancing Alzheimer’s research, treatments and care. She began her career at the US Food and Drug Administration and now works as a brain health professional promoting a healthy lifestyle as a way to prevent or delay dementia. Kat passionately volunteers as an Alzheimer’s advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association. And now, through the seasoned lens of experience, finds great joy, reward and honor as a family care partner for her mother and brother. She is our dot!

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