Nevada’s BOLD Initiative

Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) Infrastructure

The DEER Program is pleased to have received funding from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health under the BOLD (Building Our Largest Dementia) Infrastructure Act to support Dementia Friendly Nevada in creating a Nevada that is more respectful, inclusive, and supportive of people living with dementia.

This program focuses on building Nevada’s largest dementia infrastructure through dementia education, awareness, risk reduction, dementia care, caregiving, capacity building, early detection and diagnosis, and community engagement. The purpose is to provide support and inclusion through dementia friendly communities for people living with, caring for, and treating people living with dementia in rural, frontier, and tribal communities.

To achieve these goals, the DEER Program has several initiatives:

In September 2022, Dementia Friendly Nevada held a Strategic Planning Summit to develop goals – called Dementia Friendly Nevada Aspirations to guide our actions over the next five years.

The five aspirations identified by members of Dementia Friendly Nevada are:

  • Provide Innovative Brain Health and Dementia Education
  • Increase Awareness of and Access to Supportive Services
  • Encourage Empowerment and Self-Advocacy among People Living with Dementia
  • Foster Collaborative Partnerships
  • Launch a Positive Awareness Campaign

For a more detailed look at the aspirations identified, click here.

To further these aspirations, Dementia Friendly Nevada has formed a workgroup that meets monthly to implement these goals. To get involved with the Dementia Friendly Nevada Aspirations Workgroup, click here.

Additionally, each Dementia Friendly Nevada Community Group will be working towards fulfilling one of these aspirations in their own communities. To get involved with your local Dementia Friendly Nevada Community Group, click here.

The DEER Program, through Dementia Friendly Nevada, hosts many educational opportunities, including the Dementia Friends program. We also work with partners to host large community events such as the Dementia Friendly Douglas County Summit on Brain Health and Dementia and the Nevada Tribal Summit on Brain Health and Dementia.

The DEER Program also worked in collaboration with six people living with dementia to author a Dementia Self-Management Guidebook. This Guidebook examines dementia from a chronic disease perspective and provides readers with information about dementia and ways to develop personalized strategies for living well. For more information on the Dementia Self-Management Guidebook, click here.

Through BOLD funding, the DEER Program is also able to support the Nevada State Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease through the Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease (TFAD).

Dementia Friendly Nevada has formed a statewide workgroup to implement and evaluate State Plan recommendations. To get involved with the State Plan Workgroup, click here.

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