Dementia Friendly Nevada Community Group

Dementia Friendly Elko County

Monthly Community Group Meetings:

Third Wednesday of each month, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Terrace at Ruby View, 1795 Ruby View Drive, Elko, NV 89801

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Community Group Goals

Dementia Friendly Nevada Aspiration 1: Provide innovative brain health and dementia education. 

  • Prioritize authentic partnerships with people living with dementia, especially in-person, through community interactions and social change
  • Address the many misconceptions and stigma around dementia.

Current Activities:

Dementia Friendly Elko County is planning activities soon!

Upcoming Community Group Events

Check back to learn about events hosted by Dementia Friendly Elko County.

Community Group Member Spotlight: Rebecca Hepworth

Can you please share a little bit about why you became a member of Dementia Friendly Nevada?
In my work at Retired Senior Volunteer Program, I saw a need for the people in our community who are living with dementia to have a voice, information, and support in a respectful and inclusive manner.

What is one thing you wish others knew about becoming a new member of Dementia Friendly Nevada?
It is easy to belong, to participate, and every perspective is needed and wanted.

What is one of your hopes for how your community can become more respectful, educated, supportive and inclusive of people living with dementia? 
So that community members will treat people living with dementia with kindness and respect.  That they will know that dementia is not a dirty word but one that encourages growth and change.

What is one myth or misconception about dementia that you’d like to dispel or clarify?
Having dementia is not a death sentence nor is it contagious.

What are three of your favorite things to do in your leisure time?
Crochet, cook & be outside (doing gardening, walking, hiking, etc).

Dementia Friendly Elko County members Rebecca and Polly at a Heroes Have Hearts tabling event

Prevalence of Dementia In Elko County

people living with dementia 65 and over
people living with dementia 85 and over
people living alone with dementia

Community Group Co-Facilitators

Rebecca Hepworth


(970) 380-4346

Dementia Friendly NevadaSupport Team Members

Bradlyn Wissert

Research and Innovation Coordinator; DEER Program

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Dementia Friends Information Session hosted by Dementia Friendly Elko County

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