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Community Group Member Spotlight: Stephanie Wolf

I wish most community members, businesses, and churches recognized the benefit they could gain from participating in the community groups and coming up with programs, activities, etc that can benefit all of our neighbors.

Stephanie Wolf

Can you please share a little bit about your experience with Dementia Friendly Nevada?
So far it has been a learning experience for all of us.  Working to get the community and clients engaged and interested in the program has been fun and something new for us to provide outreach to the community about other than our regular services like case management and transportation!

How has your volunteer service with Dementia Friendly Nevada impacted your life?
It has been a learning experience.  I have seen a large uptick in the number of older adults we work with who are experiencing symptoms related to dementia. It has been interesting seeing what we are noticing on a state and national level statistic-wise and that it is not just us.  I have learned a lot about the incidence rate as well as what other rural communities have done to spread awareness of this topic.

Community Group Co-Facilitators

Cheri Roberts

Case Manager, Lyon County Human Services

Stephanie Wolf

Program Supervisor, Lyon County Human Services

Rebecca Williams

Senior Services Division Manager, Lyon County Human Services

Dementia Friendly Nevada Support Team Member

Cara Drake

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