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Barbara Stockton

Advisory Team

Barbara taught developmental education at a college in Michigan for eighteen years, supporting the success of students. In the early 2000’s, she completed her Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in Developmental Education. Barbara was diagnosed in 2017 with Alzheimer’s disease, although she recalls experiencing forgetfulness which impacted her life starting in 2010. The diagnosis came as a shock because of the manner in which she received the news abruptly and lacking compassion—and the fact that no one in her family had formerly been diagnosed with dementia. Following her diagnosis, Barbara has participated in several clinical studies with the hope of finding a cure. Reno, Nevada is now home for Barbara, after she retired and relocated to live closer to her son, daughter, and grandchildren. She stays involved by volunteering at the Pioneer Center for Performing Arts and keeps her mind active by playing puzzle and word games. Barbara also participates in the Dance With Me program—a partnership between the Ballroom of Reno and Dementia Friendly Washoe County—and does Tai Chi, yoga, and weight lifting to stay physically fit.