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Jim Loane

Advisory Team

Jim worked for the banking industry for fifty years. He started working in a local bank as a teller and retired in 2013, having served as a Senior Vice President for two banks. Jim is married to his wonderful wife, Linda, and has four children. Jim is also “Pop-Pop” to four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Jim was diagnosed in 2010 with mild cognitive impairment. In 2014, Jim was re-diagnosed with Lewy body dementia with parkinsonism. In 2015, dissatisfied with previous healthcare experiences, Jim and Linda were introduced to the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas and their lives changed. Jim found a physician he felt connected with and started attending several programs offered by the Cleveland Clinic. Linda is also active with programs provided by the Cleveland Clinic as a care partner. Jim is grateful to his wife for being a selfless care partner to him. Jim wrote a song about his wife’s dedication to show his gratitude. Jim and Linda have provided several interviews in the Las Vegas area to share their story of living with Lewy body dementia. Jim stays active by participating in programs at the Cleveland Clinic and volunteering at a local adult day center. He loves his volunteer work, which he does four days a week.