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Yvonne Sweeten

Advisory Team

Yvonne was a dedicated first-grade teacher for many years and is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, a teacher sorority. Several members of Yvonne’s family have had Huntington’s disease and she was aware from an early age that she was at risk of developing it, too. In 2016, the diagnosis finally came. Yvonne is now an active volunteer with the Huntington’s disease (HD) Coalition of Patient Engagement (COPE), and in her work with HD COPE, she shares her perspective on living with Huntington’s disease with pharmaceutical companies to increase awareness. As a result, Yvonne won the Huntington Disease Society of America Person of the Year award in 2021 in recognition of her advocacy for people living with Huntington’s disease and the boundless inspiration she offers. Yvonne lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and enjoys being active in her community, traveling, hiking, and engaging in water sports with her husband, Jeff.