A Special Announcement

Dementia Friends USA Trailer from Dementia Friends USA on Vimeo.

Dementia Friends Program Aims to Empower, Educate

January 17, 2017 – Dementia Friendly America, a national collaborative representing the nation’s leading Alzheimer’s organizations, companies and advocates, announced today the U.S. launch of the Dementia Friends program (www.DementiaFriendsUSA.org), a global initiative that aims to empower and educate individuals about dementia.

In 2016, an estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages had Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, of which there currently is no cure. Dementia Friends is designed to raise awareness about dementia and educate individuals and communities about how they can best support and interact with people living with dementia, per Ron Grant, a Co-Chair of Dementia Friendly America who is living with dementia. The program accomplishes this via an online training that includes a series of short videos and encourages people to commit to take action (https://vimeo.com/193649886).

“Dementia Friends – a global effort that began in the UK – focuses on learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help,” Grant said. “From telling friends about the Dementia Friends program to visiting someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.”

“As we build dementia friendly communities, it’s important to realize that dementia education starts with individuals,” Grant said. “Since there is no cure for dementia diseases and disorders, being a Dementia Friend will help those of us living with dementia to continue to live well in community.”

Become a Dementia Friend by going to www.DementiaFriendsUSA.org. Additional industry resources can help educate professionals who work in specific business sectors, including pharmacies, restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, first responders, transportation and banks. From there you can become a Dementia Friend by committing to an activity that will help someone in your community with dementia.

Sample Tweets:

Learn how you can help someone in your community with #Alzheimers by becoming a Dementia Friend. #DementiaFriend https://vimeo.com/193649886

While there is no cure for #Alzheimers, join #DementiaFriend to help make a difference in your community. www.DementiaFriendsUSA.org

Individuals with dementia could become confused doing tasks in the community. Learn to help. #DementiaFriend https://vimeo.com/193649886

Would you recognize the signs of dementia? Make a difference and become a Dementia Friend. https://vimeo.com/193649886 #DementiaFriend

Sample Facebook Posts:

Could you recognize the signs of dementia in someone you saw in the community and offer the right amount of help and respect? Check out this video for a few tips and become a Dementia Friend at DementiaFriendsUSA.org to learn how you can be a more informed community member https://vimeo.com/193649886.

Those with a dementia causing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease could face varied challenges as they navigate throughout the community. Someone with dementia might be confused about a prescription at the pharmacy or become disoriented in a grocery store aisle. By becoming a Dementia Friend, you can learn more about how to be supportive of people living with dementia in your community https://vimeo.com/193649886.

Dementia Friends was made possible with the support of the following companies and organizations: Home Instead Senior Care, BrightFocus® Foundation, LEAD Coalition, Lilly, USAgainstAlzheimer’s and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.